Where is My 1095 Form?

If you were covered by health insurance at any time last year, you will receive at least one of the following forms:

1095-A - issued to people who purchased insurance through the government exchange.

1095-B - issued to people covered by Medicare or who purchased a policy directly from an insurance company, rather than through an exchange.

1095-C - issued to people who were covered by a plan through their employers.

Unless you and/or your dependents qualify for an exemption, you may be subject to a penalty if you don't have health coverage for the entire year. We must see all of your 1095 forms to properly complete your tax returns. If you do not provide forms 1095 showing coverage for you and your dependents, including those living in other households, we will assume you lacked coverage during any undocumented portion of the year. No returns will be processed by the IRS that omit the question regarding health care coverage.

These 1095 forms are required to be sent to consumers by January 31.  For our purposes and to expedite the processing of your tax returns, please complete our Health Insurance document for our records.  We won't delay processing of your tax returns for this form, but please forward a copy to our office when you receive yours.