Reminder: If Form 4868 has been filed on or before April 17, 2018, taxpayers will be granted an automatic six-month extension of time to file their 2017 tax returns to October 15, 2018.

Please keep in mind, however, that this is NOT an extension to pay; you are still responsible to pay any tax owed by April 17, 2018 to avoid penalties and interest.

Calendar-year 2017 income tax returns for Partnerships and S Corporations are due March 15, 2018, but can be granted a 6-month extension to September 15, 2018.  Calendar-year C Corporation tax returns are due April 17, 2018, but can be granted a 5-month extension to September 15, 2018.

As a precaution only, we will file automatic six-month extensions for all open returns as of April 1. This does NOT mean that your return will not be completed by April 17th. If your return cannot be completed by April 17th, you will be notified. We complete as many returns as accurately and timely as possible.